Prof. Dr. Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed Gardezi

Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof. Dr. Rehmat Ali Khan

Vice Chancellor

University of Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir is a credible hub for the students aspiring for higher education and carrier development from Azad Jammu & Kashmir and adjoining areas due to its high quality education, cultural and historical location. The University after its inception from 2014, has earned its name due to significant achievements in academic, research and human resource development regardless of its short life and nascent stage. The university has attracted the attention of national and international community’s by organizing more than 4 international and dozens of national conferences and seminars focusing on the development of indigenous resources and addressing the national and international challenges for their resolve.

The University blessed with energetic/PhD qualified young faculty and administrative staff is endeavoring hard to uplift the status of the institution of higher education at international arena. The chancellor of the university H.E. Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch and the former Chancellor Sardar Masood Khan extended full support to the University management for implementing transparent and merit based policies. High quality publications of the staff and attraction of competitive funding from various funding agencies in terms of research Projects is the testimony of its work as a progressive institution. The core value of its campus environment conducive for learning and nurturing of the youth has developed great degree of confidence among the communities. The number of applicant desirous to satiate their education thrust has been overwhelmingly witnessed with massive increase every year.

 The university due to lack of enough infrastructure only accommodate limited number of applicants at present, but trying hard to develop infrastructure to cater the needs of the trusted communities in future. The university has developed the capacity of more than 50 lecture rooms, number of laboratories, offices and other infrastructure using its own resources and the resources pooled and donated by the local communities.

The mega project of the university worth 1.38 billion from federal government through HEC for the development of state of the art laboratories and lecture rooms is already in progress and will be completed in the year 2021/22. Another development project worth 2.26 billion is under process at Federal Government level.

Presently the university comprised of four (4) faculties including Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Computing and Engineering and Faculty of Management Sciences. The faculty of management sciences is the oldest and nationally recognized at par with reputable institutions started in early eighties. Its graduates are serving at national and international institutions and are branded with alumni of this faculty, contributing further to the academic life of the University. All faculties are offering more than 69 degree programs in 31 departments including BS, MA/M.Sc/MS and PhD. Every year new programs of relevance are being added according to the infrastructure/capacity of the university and market demands, however with the completion of new infrastructure, the university will be able to accommodate more desirous students aspiring for higher education.

The university has developed technological support within the campus with the help of HEC Pakistan. Twenty four hour high speed internet facilities are available for the staff and the students through “PERN” connection. The facility provides repository of thousands of electronic books and journals of international significance apart from the availability of 50,000 books in institutional library. The smart university system has been provided within the campus and recently its boundaries have been extended to the affiliated institution through a smart class room project of HEC. During the outbreak of COVID-19 the university has established learning management system (LMS) for online teaching and complete automation of University is in progress to meet the challenges of future. The management of the University is alive to further leap jumps for the development and high rating of this institution to materialize the dreams of youth of the area and services for the communities in future.

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