Higher education has undergone profound transformation due to recent technological advancements. The universities are transforming into smart universities. The University of Kotli AJK has established the Directorate of IT (DIT) recently, to implement Information and communication technologies (ICT) and to transform the UoK AJK into smart institution. The DIT has many significant tasks to accomplish. Some of them are the establishment of the campus network, the development of Campus Management System & the availability of digital resources to students & teachers. It is envisioning that DIT will be the forte of the university & will be the state of the art center, which will not only serve the university but will also serve the larger community outside the university.


To realize the potential of internet -provide universal access to research, education& digital resources –transform the University into smart institution- to drive a new era of evolvement, growth, and productivity.

DIT Departments & Services:


  • Responsible to design and deploy entire network of the University and responsible for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, back up, and maintenance of the variety of networking hardware and security issues.
  • Responsible to manage CCTV/IP Surveillance network.
  • Responsible for the management of telecommunication infrastructure within the University. Installation of telecom exchanges at the university, troubleshooting on the event of issue, and provides maintenance services.


  • Responsible for installation, activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Systems.
  • Responsible to provide technical services on helpdesk.


  • Responsible to design, develop & maintain the university website & various web services.
  • Responsible to develop in-house software.
  • Responsible to develop commercial s/w.

Video Conferencing:

  • Responsible to manage the sessions for online meetings, seminars, discussions & distance learning.


Projects Completed/Running:

  • IP Surveillance Network
  • Video Conferencing Lab
Projects in Pipeline:

  • Campus Networking
  • PERN
  • SMART & SAFE Campus
  • Digital Library
  • Website of the University


Director IT